Dino Dearest is a game about winning the hearts of a variety of dinosaurs and prehistoric dinosaur-like animals. If you like wildly branching storylines, cool music, parallax, or being consumed by spaghetti, this game might be for you.

No one messes with Mikey. No one has ever beaten Mikey in a foot race. No one has ever really talked to Mikey, and no one has ever asked out Mikey.


Duke fucking rips a sax. He fucking shreds. He'll liquefy your brain with sonic power. He's pretty cute too.


Cretaceous Colleges' resident punk Spinosaurus can't stand school, and especially can't stand that buzzkill Persephone. She doesn't want friends, and she certainly doesn't give a shit about math.


This pterodactyl meanders the school halls, wide smile on his face and a vape in his claws. For him stress is unnecessary, and a heart rate above 40 is a downright sin. Most think he's a nice enough guy, and he doesn't vape all the time. Although for someone with his head in a cloud most of the time, you don't recall ever seeing him fly...


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